What's happening?

In the inaugural "season" of our DCPT token, we witnessed over 174,000 wallets being activated. Now, we're embarking on a wider protocol release, and successfully completing the migration to an ERC-20 token.

We have now concluded the token allocation plans for our ERC-20 governance token. This token, with an initial financial value, will serve as a governance tool for our forthcoming Decrypt DAO initiative. To qualify for the claims process, it's essential to link a beneficiary Ethereum wallet address with your Decrypt account through the token migration dapp on the Decrypt website. Get ready for this exciting opportunity!

We are committed to providing ample time for reader reward DCPT token holders to link a beneficiary address. We will officially announce a 30-day deadline, by which all accounts must have a linked beneficiary address. After this deadline, we will proceed to deploy a distribution contract that grants linked beneficiary addresses a claim credit for the new ERC-20 token.

You must link an Ethereum wallet address to be eligible to claim your share of our new ERC-20 governance token based on your participation in Season 1 and the DCPT you earned. The address you link we will be included in the distribution contract used for the claims process. If you do not link an Ethereum address, you will not be able to claim your tokens.

Our migration effort has been our top priority, and we've focused all our energy on ensuring a smooth transition. As a result, we temporarily paused new rewards drops during this period. However, with the migration completed, we're eager to share our plans for the future. Moving forward, we plan to continue offering a variety of rewards, including NFTs and other on-chain incentives, to both Decrypt readers and holders of the ERC-20 token. The ERC-20 token opens up exciting possibilities for providing on-chain rewards through smart contracts. This means a simpler claims process and access to more advanced tools for a more rewarding experience.

Yes, you can now claim your tokens since we have already deployed the distribution contract. Before proceeding with this exciting step, we need to collect Ethereum addresses from our readers who have a DCPT balance. If you haven't linked your Ethereum (ETH) wallet address yet, please do so to ensure a seamless and trouble-free token claim process.

In summary, Decrypt is evolving its DCPT token and its role within the community. They aim to create a community-governed Web 3.0 publication platform and are planning a token swap to support this transition.